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My name is Patricia Gates

I am the owner of Purely Gates Embroidery.  I do all of my own digitizing and love every moment of it.  I am married and have 3 kids and live in Missouri City, Texas. I have been sewing my whole life (since age 5) and have been doing machine embroidery since 1999.  I also quilt. I have taught classes on machine embroidery and embroidery software.  

All of my designs are test sewn and are digitized as efficiently as possible. My goal for my designs is little or no jump stitches and as few color changes as possible (as long as it does not affect the integrity of the design). I have been embroidering for years and know the value of a well digitized design and don’t think that you should expect anything less! My designs are sold in shops all over the world. My customers always comment as to how well the designs stitch out. 

If you have any questions please e-mail me at