Copyright Information

  • Transmittal of this electronic pattern or reproduction by ANY means for any purpose other than for your own personal use is a violation of copyright laws. 
  • This electronic file is trackable.
  • The pdf file may not be shared with others. This pattern is for your personal use only. Trackable patterns can be traced back to their source and will be if found floating around on the web. 

How does an e-pattern work?

E-Patterns are patterns that are instantly downloadable once youpurchase them. Once you purchase a pattern, you can have it instantly (no shipping costs to you). The pattern is provided to you in a pdf file that has a License Key unique to only you. The pattern may be printed only by you and used for personal use only. These patterns are available for retail purchase only.

Downloadable e-patterns are in the Adobe™ PDF format. You must have Adobe™ Reader™ 7.0 or later in order to read it. If you do not have Adobe™ Reader™, click here to download it for free.

  • When you have found a pattern you want, Click on the Add to Cart button to put the pattern in your Shopping Cart.
  • When you are through shopping, click on the Checkout Now button. and pay for the pattern as you would for any online purchase.
  • Once we have received your payment (almost instantaneously for credit card, debit card), you will see a download link on the purchase confirmation page AND you will receive an e-mail with a link to the pattern pdf location.
  • Click on the link to download your pattern. You have 24 hrs. from the first time you click on the download link to access the pdf.  This give you time to re-download the pattern if something happens during the download process and you need to try again. Your pattern will be saved to your computer. It is a good idea to create a folder on your computer called patterns, or whatever name you choose to give it.  This makes finding your files at a later date much easier.
  • Once you have downloaded the pattern, click on the pattern file to open it. You may also print this pattern at anytime.


    Can I cancel my downloadable pattern order?
    Due to the fact that the pattern download link is available to you once your payment has been received, it's too late to cancel your order once it has been submitted. The pattern has been delivered to you at that point so be sure of your purchase BEFORE you purchase. There is no way to “return” an electronic purchase.

    Can I share, loan or sell my downloadable pattern file?
    No. The pattern file your purchased is only for your use.  Sharing or selling of a downloadable pattern is a copyright violation. And yes, we can track the source of a pattern if it shows up somewhere!

    My guild loved the sample I made from your pattern.  Can I teach this pattern to my guild?
    The rules here are the same as with any pattern.  You can teach the pattern only if all the students buy a copy of the pattern (from us or one of our retailers). 

    What if I find an electronic copy of one of your patterns posted somewhere on the Internet?
    We would appreciate knowing if you find a downloadable copy of one of our patterns somewhere. This does not include, of course, paper versions of our patterns that are sold on many other web sites. If you do find a downloadable pattern file of ours somewhere, please let us know by filling out this form.

    How can I pay for my downloadable pattern?
    We accept credit and debit cards.  

    I am a wholesale customer, can I buy a downloadable e-Patterns?
    You can buy a downloadable pattern, but only at retail prices and only for your own use.  Only the paper version, or physical pattern is available for wholesale purchase.

    What if I cannot find the e-pattern I previously purchased on my computer, or my computer crashed and all is lost, can I re-download it?

    Due to the volume of sales, tracking past purchases is not possible, so be sure and print out your pattern or back up your computer often to avoid such losses. You have 24 hrs. from the first time you click on the download link to access the pdf. Once that time has expired, you will not have access to it again unless you purchase it again.